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Local Baker Expands with Cake Design Studio

Baking For You on Cumbernauld Road and facing Alexandra Park is a long established and popular bakery for the Dennistoun area. They have seen continued growth in recent years with the expansion of their premises to include a traditional Glasgow tearoom and in supplying their baked goods to other businesses in and around Glasgow.

To provide further outlets for their bakery produce they opened a takeaway in the Gorbals in April 2013 and their latest endeavour is a new takeaway in Barlanark that will open in January 2015. The Barlanark shop will not only provide them with another outlet for produce made in their Cumbernauld Road bakery but will also be their in store state of the art design studio to allow people to book appointments and design what ever cakes they desire.

Rachel Loftus Represents Scotland in International Charity Pageantry Grand Final

In August this year (2014) 12 year old Rachel Loftus competed in the Scottish heat of Face of The Globe international charity pageant. She had worked for weeks earlier to raise money for the pageants chosen charity The Rainbow Child Foundation. Her hard work paid off and she won Junior Miss Charity and Junior Miss Publicity and was invited to represent Scotland in the Grand Final being held in Disneyland Paris this October. Not bad for her first ever pageant!

To pay for her trip, Rachel worked hard selling loom bands, baking cakes and even got up at 3am to do a car boot sale! Her fundraising efforts were set back a little when her granny unexpectedly passed away a week after the Scottish heat.

Rachel grew up in high rise flats with her mother Marion before moving to Dennistoun last year. She attends St Mungos Academy and sits on the student council. On Wednesday (1st October) at the school awards ceremony she received an academic achievement award for RE, Drama, Technical, English and French. Rachel wants nothing more than to be an inspiration to local kids and show that pageantry isn't all glitz and glam.

In between dancing with Pulse Dance Studio and attending Hadouken a Tricking academy she will also be making up shoeboxes for Smile International to be distributed to children in under developed countries. Rachel is still fundraising for the Rainbow Child Foundation and plans to do a raffle on her Facebook page with some lovely prizes up for grabs.

You can support Rachel, like and invite friends to like her Facebook page by visiting: Rachel Leigh Loftus - Junior Grand Finalist, Face of The Globe -

The Whitehill Campus Malawi Partnership Team

Final preparations are underway at Whitehill Campus for the fifteen S6 pupils who undertake their trip to Malawi on October 4th. The young people have been preparing for 2 years by developing and improving their: Leadership and Communication skills; sport and leadership skills; active playground skills and the planning, delivery and evaluation of sports and activities for Malawi primary pupils. The pupils have also achieved their ‘Top Sports’ Coaching Certificate to support them working with the Malawi school children.

Whilst in Malawi, the pupils will be focusing on developing Physical Activities and Sports in the Primary School as part of their volunteer work. The group are nearing the end of their preparations and are all getting really excited at the prospect of their trip.

The group has also developed a partnership through the Commonwealth Games with Jayne Jaydacris Chapomba, Top tennis star in Malawi.  Jayne shares a common vision with the Whitehill Team- ‘to get young people active and interested in sports’.  She will meet the Whitehill Campus team in Malawi and deliver tennis coaching to them.  Jayne will then support the team to deliver tennis skills sessions at Nyambadwe Lions Primary School, in Blantyre, Malawi.

The group has also been working closely with Scottish inventor David Osborne.  He has introduced the young people to the “Jompy”, a device for water pasteurisation.  The Jompy boiler weighs 700 g and, over a fire, it can heat a litre of water every minute to about 86 °C which is hot enough to kill most of the bacteria that cause water-borne diseases such as cholera, dysentery and diarrhea.  The device has been tested in Kenya and India last year, and Kenyan president Mwai Kibaki personally endorsed the Jompy, which is being rolled out around the country in supermarkets and through charities like the TearFund.  It also received 3rd place in the Siemens Innovation Award 2014.

The Whitehill Team will be the first school in Scotland to travel with the “Jompy” to Malawi and will work with Patrick Carrigan, Social Enterprise Co-ordinator to donate them to a sustainable local Social Enterprise project.   The social enterprise project group will rent out the ‘Jompys’ to Malawi families at an affordable cost making it accessible to all and enhance their health and well-being.  When families rent the Jompy they receive vouchers which contribute to their fees for attending their local High School or any Malawi High School.  This project enables families to meet the costs of sending their children to High School as well as enhancing their health and well-being.

Pedal for Scotland (road closures)
Sunday 7th September 2014
Closure of Saltmarket, High Street, Duke Street, Cumbernauld Road and Edinburgh Road from 07:00hrs to 12:00hrs
The Pedal for Scotland 47 mile Glasgow to Edinburgh ride is Scotland's biggest bike ride and attracted over 7500 participants last year. You can still register on the day at Glasgow Green (8-10.30am). Price: Adults - £30, concessions - £20. Transport is an additional £20.

We All Have A Story To Tell
20th Birthday exhibition at The Young Gallery

For the last 20 years, community arts charity Impact Arts has been working at the heart of communities across Scotland. To celebrate their 20th Birthday the charity has commissioned a special exhibition at their children’s art gallery, The Young Gallery in Dennistoun.

The exhibition of photographs, videos and illustrations, entitled ‘We all have a story to tell’, has been especially designed and curated by artist Susan Laws to celebrate the stories of the projects and the people that Impact Arts has worked with over the years. Susan has been involved in an Impact Arts programme herself, having recently taken part in the Artist Mentoring Programme, which helps unemployed and underemployed artists use their skills to access opportunities in community arts.

Susan said: “It was an absolute honour to design and create the timeline mural for Impact Arts' 20th Birthday Exhibition! I’m really pleased with the final outcome and the reception of the work has been lovely too.”

The organisation took the opportunity at the exhibition opening to launch their new video, produced by 29 Studios in Glasgow. The video focuses on the stories of four people who’ve taken part in Impact Arts’ programmes and whose lives have changed through the arts.

Lynne Carr, Chief Executive of Impact Arts, introduced the video. Lynne said: “I’ve been with Impact Arts for 2 years now and in that time I’ve been absolutely blown away by the work of the organisation. When the team and I were reflecting on what we had achieved since the organisations inception in 1994 we surprised even ourselves with the breadth and scale: we’ve engaged over 250,000 people (4.7% of the population of Scotland) through the arts, and run 1500 projects and programmes across Scotland, in 30 out of the 32 local authorities.

“The exhibition covers some of the highlights of this 20 year period, and I would urge anyone, whether you’ve been involved in our programmes or not, to go along and see it. We’re so proud of our work, but it’s the people and the communities who’ve empowered themselves through the arts that are the stars of the exhibition!”

Feedback from the exhibition launch, which was attended by Councillor Alison Thewliss, and partners and funders from SDS and the Big Lottery amongst others, includes: “Fantastic exhibition, it really captures the difference Impact Arts has made, and continues to make, to lives.”, “I think the exhibition looks fantastic! What an achievement – 20 years – congratulations!” and “What a great exhibition! Amazing body of 20 years hard work! Well done Impact Arts!”.

Video: We all have a story to tell

The Young Gallery
The exhibition is free to visit and suitable for all ages.
Open 28.08.14 - 09.09.14 Tuesday – Friday 12pm-5pm
112 Sword Street, Dennistoun,G31 1SF

A new hair loss support service from Breast Cancer Care Scotland held fortnightly on Thursdays 10.30am - 2.30pm at the Macmillan Info & Support Centre, Dennistoun Library

Our free HeadStrong service can help prepare you for the possibility of losing your hair because of cancer treatment. At a private appointment, our trained volunteers will talk about how to look after your hair and scalp before, during and after treatment. We’ll also show you how to make the most of wig alternatives by using scarves, hats and other headwear. This practical session aims to find out which styles suit you best. We want to make sure you leave feeling confident that you’ve found something that works for you.

Amore To Go

Amore To Go takeaway Alexandra Parade

Amore To Go, the new Italian takeaway on Alexandra Parade, opened today 10th July with a special charity opening offer of £3 for any pasta, supper or 12" Margherita pizza. Amore To Go will donate all proceeds from sales during 10th to 12th July to Marie Curie Glasgow.

The Amore D'Italia Restaurant next door will open shortly after completion of ongoing extensive refurbishment of the building.

You can download their takeaway, lunch/early evening and a la carte menus from their website.

Amore To Go
502 Alexandra Parade Dennistoun G31 3BQ 0141 551 0700
Open: 7 days a week till 10.30pm

Amore D'Italia Restaurant
506 Alexandra Parade Dennistoun G31 3BQ 0141 551 9595
Open: 12-10:30pm (11pm Fri & Sat)

The Duchess of Duke Street

Dennistoun's latest bar/restaurant opened on the 16th June providing a wide range of wines, beers and spirits at the front of the house with restaurant area to the back serving mains including burger, fish & chips and slow roast pork belly with prices ranging from £6.50-£10.50. The Duchess can serve children until 8pm.

Those who remember Mill's pub will know exactly where it is as they have completely redeveloped and tastefully decorated this property to a very high standard with fine attention to detail and quality.
Duchess of Duke Street 380 Duke Street G31 1DN telephone: 0141 556 6315
On the forum

Remember Remember

The East End Social presented instrumental band Remember Remember to 200 attendees at The Dennistoun New Parish Church on Friday 13th June. Playing tracks from their new album due out on June 30th "Forgetting the Present".
13 Jun 2014

Glasgow: 12 Days That Made the Commonwealth

The BBC are producing a special 90-minute film of record about the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow that will be broadcast after the games, at the end of the year. They’ll be telling the stories of the extraordinary Glaswegians who came together to help put on the event of a lifetime. Whether it’s taxi drivers, ceremony performers, volunteers, chaperones and the hard work of Police Scotland – this will be a unique behind-the-scenes celebration of the people who made the 20th Commonwealth Games.
Apart from being on the lookout for amazing individual stories, they would love to watch the Opening and Closing ceremony at home with a number of fun families who didn’t get tickets to either and to gauge their reaction to this huge, international event in their home city.
They will be looking for a range of families from a family of four to three generations all together on the sofa enjoying this great moment for Scotland. Perhaps the kids are bursting with excitement but dad can’t understand what the fuss is about? Maybe the family has a link with another Commonwealth Nation or even an athlete competing in the games.
Contact Mark Bignell, BBC Television Email
13 Jun 2014

Local Vet Highlights Microchip Issue as Thousands of Pets go Missing…

A leading vet in Glasgow is urging animal lovers to safeguard their pets during National Microchip Month in June.

A recent study conducted by the UK National Missing Pet Register indicates that thousands of pets go missing each year, most of which aren’t ever reunited with their owners. In stark contrast, they also found that 90% of pets with a microchip are safely returned to their owners.

Jan Young, head nurse at AlbaVet Veterinary Surgery, is endorsing National Microchip Month to address these daunting statistics. She says:  “Sadly we have many lost pets handed to us every month and when they have no microchip it is very difficult to reunite them with their owners. The quick and simple act of getting your pet chipped can save great heartache and aggravation if they get lost or stray.”

Any pets from cats and dogs to iguanas and snakes can be microchipped in minutes yet millions of owners neglect to do so, resulting in distress and panic when they go missing. Many pet lovers will spend hundreds, even thousands of pounds, on pedigree breeds or exotic pets - but without cost effective micro chipping they run the risk of losing their companion for ever.

In an attempt to cut the rise in canine strays in Wales and England, micro chipping will become a legal requirement for dog owners by 2015 and 2016 respectively with those failing to comply facing fines of up to £500. Although there currently aren’t any plans to enforce this in Scotland, discussions will inevitably take place soon.

Advances in technology have enabled the size of the chip to be reduced to that of a grain of rice. It is quickly (but professionally) inserted between the shoulders of your pet, just under the skin, and as a pinprick is relatively painless.

Mrs Young adds: “Pets have also increasingly become targets for thieves, and if there are occasions where the ownership of a pet is questioned, a microchip is a good way to help prove who the rightful guardian is.

“This simple one-off procedure can bring you peace of mind for your pet’s lifetime, so for National Microchip Month AlbaVet are subsidising the cost of micro chipping to less than half price at just £9.98.”

For more details or to book an appointment, please contact us on 0141 554 1911.

The Duke Street Expo 2014 

Kobi Onyami at The Everlasting Arms Church
Kobi Onyami at The Everlasting Arms Church as part of The Duke Street Expo

A hugely successful all-day event that took place on Saturday 31 May 2014 on Duke Street, Dennistoun.

The Drygate Brewing Co, 85 Drygate, Glasgow, G4 0UT

The Drygate Brewing Co opened on Friday 23rd May 2014. It is housed in a converted box factory situated at the side of Tennents Wellpark Brewery. On the ground floor is a restaurant and bar with a beerhall and terrace upstairs.

The Drygate Brewing Co is a joint venture between Tennents lager owner C&C Group and craft brewers Williams Bros Brewing Co. The facility will provide a destination for Glasgow tourists to this side of town as well as to those seeking out micro brewed beer to taste and to brew themselves.

Help Find Missing Cat Murray

Murray the cat

Dennistoun Pupils and Community Groups go fo Gardening Glory

PUPILS at Westercraigs Nursery School in Dennistoun and two community groups, CKUK Common Knowledge and Glasgow Kelvin College are hoping that their mini gardens will make a big impact on the judges at Scotland’s national gardening show. They’ve each designed a plot, measuring just one square metre that will go on display at Gardening Scotland 2014.

The gardens will be part of the annual Pallet Garden Challenge organised by the Scottish Gardeners’ Forum and schools from across Scotland will be taking part. More than 35,000 visitors will see the Pallet Gardens during the course of the event, which open at the Royal Highland Centre Edinburgh on Friday, 30 May and runs for three days.

The Show is the biggest plant sale in the country and includes the New Hopetoun Gardens Floral Hall, the Albert Bartlett Cookery Theatre and the David Wilson Homes Show Gardens Avenue. More than 400 exhibitors will also take part, selling all manner of gardening essentials and accessories and a new Story Tent will tell the tales of some of Scotland’s most inspirational gardeners.
Gardening Scotland 2014
12th May 2014

James Coulter - Young Sports Person of the Year

On Friday the 28th of February 2014 the City Chambers played host to the Sports Person of the Year Awards which celebrated Scottish sport’s action heroes, dedicated coaches and selfless volunteers who have given up hundreds of hours of their time to the sports they love. Around 250 athletes, sports fans, club leaders, school pupils, volunteers and coaches gathered for the celebrations as winners were revealed across 13 categories. Karate star James Coulter was presented with the Young Sports Person of the Year Award by Evening Times assistant editor Graham Shields.

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