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26/03/2017Piercing and tattoosNadine0
25/03/2017Metal fences around tenement at Lidl Tom0
24/03/2017Old Golfhill School site redevelopmentFrank Plowright8
24/03/2017Saggy floorsGeoff0
24/03/2017Parking in the driveschb51
24/03/2017Whitehill pool noise nuisanceDavid20
23/03/2017Dennistoun Waverley FCdenny7
21/03/2017Dennistoun JS schoolBig Wullie12
21/03/2017Building movementAnon9
19/03/2017Loud noise from neighboursRosie13
18/03/2017Alley way behing Annfield post officeLewis12
16/03/2017Waxing, threading, beauty etcLaura4
15/03/2017Stone ThrowingGM2
11/03/2017Lost cat?Gallowgater1
11/03/2017Small grey food binGeoff3
4/03/2017House AlarmDennistoun Person0
27/02/2017BBC dramaAnon2
27/02/2017Studio Style Room for Rent - 1 PersonTMc0
26/02/2017Memorial to Dennistoun's war deadJim Watson11
24/02/2017ink CartridgesJoe1
23/02/2017Whitehill place, Finlay Dr/Dennistoun VillageResident Dennistoun Village40
21/02/2017Missing cat?Malarki4
21/02/2017Redmonds! ?anon2
21/02/2017Staff needed part time ironingCity laundry0
20/02/2017Window Cleaner for 2 Storey Tenement WindowsMrs Doyle0
19/02/2017Missing bikesDoll3
18/02/2017shower fittedanon3
8/02/2017Plumber Needed Urgently - Blocked ToiletCharlotte1
6/02/2017big house in Ark Lanejoe mc dermott4
6/02/2017Co-op funeral parlourBob1
5/02/2017Wanted: Garage or Lock-upJimmy Quaife4
4/02/2017Cumbernauld Road Closure by policeLexy3
4/02/2017Fluffy ginger and white cat ...Malarki6
3/02/2017The BeatlesTom Hosie6
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