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Glass in dog park

Nimby1967 posted on the 12/01/2018 10:08:43 PM

It looks like somebody has spread broken glass in the dog park!! my baby's feet have been cut and he now has to go to the vets why would somebody do this???!!!

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#1 - Son of Onslow replied on the 12/01/2018 11:37:37 PM

as stated numerous times on the forum this is NOT a dogpark but a communal park for the use of all local residents for many used. Alas monopolized albeit by dog walkers.
That is not to say glass does not need to be removed.

#2 - Anon replied on the 13/01/2018 10:52:55 PM

Regardless of the intended use of the park, having that amount of glass spread about makes it dangerous for all uses.

I managed to collect two handfuls of broken glass from the park after only looking for a few minutes.

Be careful when using the park, child or canine.

#3 - anon1 replied on the 14/01/2018 1:44:17 AM

maybe someone living opposite has had enough of all the noise (dogs barking) and smell (not everyone picks up), when people moved in there they didn't expect all the local dog owners to start using the patch of grass as a dog toilet, I bet they have seen their house prices drop - that's not to say spreading glass is okay, there must be a better way of objecting

#4 - Son of Onslow replied on the 14/01/2018 9:42:10 PM

Personally I have been here twelve years prior to the development of the park , participated in the consultation at City Park, and indeed held partial fue to the gardens along with other properties surrounding the gardens .
I don't have a problem with dog walkers indeed walk my own in Alexandra Park . Just exacberated by this assumption that because it is used for dog exercise that defines it as a dog park ; as stated there is no such thing in Glasgow . And this is a communal area .
House prices are not effected adversely indeed it is considered an asett with nice open views . I would never assume the glass is a direct or deliberate action as many of us have pets and care for the health and safety of what is essentially family . I would suggest this is merely vandalism which is all too prevelent im afraid .

#5 - anon replied on the 15/01/2018 4:10:19 AM

the dog walkers are a selfish lot, they have taken over an area meant for kids, family's and the local community to use, I wouldn't want my kids playing in an area where dogs have been peeing and pooing, even if the poo is picked up it will leave germs behind.

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