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Memorial to Dennistoun's war dead

Jim Watson posted on the 14/01/2018 5:59:41 PM

An update on the Dennistoun war memorial project.
I first posted on here around a year ago about this subject.
We have moved along quite a bit since then.
Over £17,000 has been raised in order to properly honour Dennistoun's fallen.
Provisional agreement has been reached with GCC for a war memorial to be placed just inside the main gates of Alexandra park.
Full planning permission should be agreed in the next few weeks.
Target date for an unveiling is early September 2018.
There is a parade planned for unveiling day which will involve band/veterans/local groups/children.
Owen McGuire of St Denis' primary won the memorial design contest which we held with all local schools.
Please follow us on facebook @ Dennistoun war memorial.

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