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Shop renovation

Does anyone know what the shop next to Renfrew and co solicitors on Alexandra parade is going to be. There has been work going on for months.
Anon - 9/03/2013 9:22:16 PM (IP: Logged)

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It looks like a chippy.
zika - 13/04/2013 11:33:17 AM (IP: Logged)

it going to be a chippy captain rubys which is off shoot of ruby murrays currie shop
anon - 13/04/2013 4:28:25 PM (IP: Logged)

Do we need another chippy in the area?
Mort - 14/04/2013 12:23:40 PM (IP: Logged)

The best chippy in the area is definitely Bennys and I hope Anthony's regular customers don't desert him for the new one.
anon - 14/04/2013 1:28:36 PM (IP: Logged)

Do we really need another fast food joint!! I think not!!
Concerned - 14/04/2013 8:06:00 PM (IP: Logged)

What you need is a Polish shop!Lots of Poles live in the East end these days!
anon - 14/04/2013 9:52:41 PM (IP: Logged)

There's a Polish shop on Duke Street, well just off Duke Street round the corner from Tibo.
anon_l - 15/04/2013 10:30:10 AM (IP: Logged)

I agree I do not think we need another takeaway in the area. The old costcutter shop at the corner of aberdour st and Cumbernauld rd is supposed to be getting turned into a sit in Indian cafe. I also agree that Benny's is the best chipper in Dennistoun!
Anon - 17/04/2013 10:45:20 PM (IP: Logged)

there's no rhyme or reason to which shops are and aren't allowed to open in Dennistoun.  Hillfoot Street is the proud host of a new Cash Convertor store.  Just what a community like Dennistoun needs - a THIRD pawnbroker within a 200m stretch of road...
Hillfooter - 18/04/2013 6:04:42 PM (IP: Logged)

Hillfooter, just whati was thinking. Call me a snob but these kind of places make areas look bad.
anon_l - 18/04/2013 10:37:13 PM (IP: Logged)

Pawn broking is a booming business. Perhaps they are the only ones who can afford the rent in the area.
The Mentalist - 19/04/2013 9:53:37 AM (IP: Logged)

Its a step backward for Duke Street. There was also a piece in the Sunday Mail recently that said Duke Street had the highest density of bookies in Scotland. Now, i would say pawnbrokers could be added to the list.

Why cant someone take a chance on opening up a business that isn't a hairdressers, tanning salon or either of the aforementioned? There are so many people living in Dennistoun that would shop there should the right shop come along.

anon - 19/04/2013 5:58:55 PM (IP: Logged)

Its sad isn't it?  The majority of shops on Duke Street don't really represent the people that live here.

I remember reading a post here years ago that explained why.  It was something about the current rates/rent structure for shop tenancy and how its completely geared against businesses that might take time to develop.

It would be really good to hear from someone who understood how the system works (or doesn't work?!).  I'd be interested in understanding it better...

hillfooter - 19/04/2013 9:48:41 PM (IP: Logged)

For me, it's less the fact that it's another pawnbroker, and more that the blocky generic fascia they've installed on top of the original curved frontage and sign-line really changes the look and feel of that part of Duke Street.

The presmises were a rather handsome feature of the streetscape but have now been reduced to looking like any other shop on any other street.

searcher - 20/04/2013 8:53:12 AM (IP: Logged)

There needs to be a new relationship between landlords and tenants that reflects the changing environment. The current structure assumes a business will start making money within months of opening. I doubt it will happen though - way too many hurdles to overcome, plus the reality is that the majority of public don't really care - sad but true!
anon - 20/04/2013 12:48:24 PM (IP: Logged)

pawnbroking had been in decline in scotland for many years. It is only in the last seven years that the large pawnbroking chains have developed a presence in SCotland , which will inevitably lead to over supply in a diminishing market . Consequently in time the number of units will reduce . But may i take issue with anon , pawnbroking is a longstanding traditional part of the Scottish social streetscape and offers a financial service to those in need and often those marginalised by society . Intrest on loans is a fraction of that charged by pay day loan // or indeed bank charges for unauthorised overdrafts , or youre "traditional moneylenders" . And yes i am a pawnbroker and reside in Dennistoun.
in defence of pawnbrokers - 20/04/2013 5:07:47 PM (IP: Logged)


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