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Duke Street Abattoir Site

Does anyone know if GCC still own this land, or if it has been sold?

Also does anyone know who I would contact regarding temporary projects on the site?



Emma - 5/04/2017 6:23:33 PM (IP: Logged)

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Some info on the current plans for that site are here (with a contact number and email address):

You could try for a temporary project. Good luck. I think there have been approaches in the past that have been declined.

The only example of temporary use on that site I can recall is the Market Gallery screening for the 2010 Glasgow Film Festival -

resident - 6/04/2017 1:19:39 AM (IP: Logged)

City Property now owns the site. Think they are subsidiary of the council.
Lal - 6/04/2017 11:56:43 AM (IP: Logged)

Site investigation works were carried out on the site in 2016. Going forward it may be the council spend some money on the site to then get a private developer involved, but likely not to be until 2018.
CV3V - 6/04/2017 5:28:21 PM (IP: Logged)

Thanks both!
Emma - 7/04/2017 3:53:58 PM (IP: Logged)


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