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Internet speed

Hello all

I'm moving into Bannatyne Avenue soon and wondering how good the internet speed is? Currently I live in Milton of Campsie and it's as slow as a week in jail. Any providers you'd recommend?


G - 9/08/2017 10:41:28 AM (IP: Logged)

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I had talktalk however i too am originally from MoC. Ive used talktalk there and itnseemed faster in Dennistoun.
Anon_l - 10/08/2017 9:33:17 AM (IP: Logged)

we are with sky and have no issues in the main room where the hub is, if it an old tenement thick walls can cause issues! you cant get virgin in dennistoun yet im afraid as i think that the best
anon - 10/08/2017 9:34:43 AM (IP: Logged)

You can get Virgin, that's who im with and no issues
Doll - 10/08/2017 11:51:39 AM (IP: Logged)

According to the Virgin cablemystreet page with the postcode for Bannatyne Ave (G31 2UD) and picking a house halfway down....

No. Bannatyne Ave is not covered yet but is in their expansion plans. Worth registering an interest because if enough folk do then it bumps up an area in their plans.

James Mc - 11/08/2017 9:44:10 AM (IP: Logged)

Just as a matter of interest is it WI-Fi , Copper or Fibre ?
Alan - 11/08/2017 9:45:43 AM (IP: Logged)

Whether you can get virgin (ie cable) broadband in Dennistoun depends on the street you're on as some have been cabled and others aren't - first flat we had on Alexandra Park St was cabled but when on the Drives it weren't.
Malarki - 11/08/2017 9:46:19 AM (IP: Logged)

Thanks for the help here, I appreciate it. I've seen a deal with Sky for £9.50 per month from Moneysaving expert which I think I'll go for! Really looking forward to moving in.
G - 11/08/2017 7:20:55 PM (IP: Logged)

Coming from a Telecom background I have some knowledge of the situation ,any property with a landline has a copper connection to the local exchange ,this can be used for broadband connections,cell phones use wi-fi which can be problematic ,weather and so on,fiber is in its infancy and the property has to wired and a different modem needs to be used,however in the long term what is happening is that a system called VOIP ,voice over internet protocol is on the way and means that the local telephone exchanges are redundant, still need I suspect a fiber connection however .
Alan - 12/08/2017 9:26:23 AM (IP: Logged)


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