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Staffa Street: Looking East

Staffa Street: Looking West

I'm Jim Mitchell; I lived at No.23 Staffa Street, Dennistoun with my parents and brothers. The photo "Looking East" is from around 1970 and is looking east along Staffa Street. The other photo "Looking West" is from around 1991 and is looking west along Staffa Street. Jim's wife Margaret and son Douglas are in this photo chatting to a neighbour. Peculiarly the address above the entrance of the close is 3 Sannox Gardens although it is actually on Staffa Street. It was something to do with the demolition works.

Hi, I'm Jim Henderson, who also lived at 23 Staffa Street, Dennistoun e1. We lived in a "singalen" . . . a one-room flat on the first floor. I remember Jim Mitchell and his family who lived on the ground floor. Others who lived at 23 were: Julia and Sonny McLaughlin, my cousins, the Parks family(Robbie, Brian Anna Margaret, Irene and Jim,) then Doris Weir, Billy and Barry Chapman, Doreen Eddleston, Jim and Audrey McIntosh, Charles Black and his sister. The street picture posted by Jim Mitchell included the window of the little flat where I was born and where I lived with my mum and brother Gerry for 13 years. Not luxurious . . . but so close to Ally Park and evocative of great memories.

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