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Sail the Seven "C's" to Arrive At Positive Change
by Robert E. Bear

"Here a problem, there a problem, everywhere a problem, problem, oh McDonald had a problem, E, I, E, I, O, OH NO!" The world is full of problems, just ask any cynic. Perhaps, you're reading this because you want to be a problem solver, or hopefully, you are looking for ideas to serve as a lighthouse to guide you in making a constructive transformation of some sort in the microcosm of your locale, business, place of employment, or even the greater global community. If you are motivated to make a positive difference somehow, someway, you are invited to continue.

Margaret Mead said: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, devoted citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that has."

Here is the course these citizens have navigated to reach their destination and so can you.

1. Conviction 2. Courage 3. Counsel 4. Craft 5. Cooperation 6. Communication 7. Commitment

We all have at least one problem that we are passionate about solving. This passion is the Conviction. The issue could be an unfair practice at work, increasing productivity, taking care of employee's interests, or filling a market niche and increasing exposure. There could be a need for a fence around a school campus for child safety or even an absurd zoning regulation that should experience extinction. It might even be a larger task of bringing peace to a civil war. Conviction is always the first and easiest part of the journey. It is also the closest to the harbor of non-involvement.

Courage is the fortitude to step forth and become involved. It also requires that we assess our attributes, attitude, and resources while looking forward at Commitment. The spark of Courage comes from within, but can be fanned into a formidable blaze with the winds of support and fueled with victories. Gain inner strength from meditation on positive words, inspirational experiences, and principles. Courage is the fortress of character that will sustain you through to the success of a positive change.

Counsel, the third "C", may involve more that just seeking advice from friends or others who have traversed a course similar to your undertaking. The gathering of as much information and ideas as possible is a large ocean of consideration. Here are just a few of its tides. What is the underlying cause? How did the problem arise? What could have prevented it? Who, what, and to what extant are the effects of the condition? Who, what, and to what extant will a solution produce affects? What have been or are the possible obstacles? What may be the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial expenses and liabilities? What are the rights and responsibilities of all involved? Who will be responsible for maintenance of the solution? The process of Counseling may necessitate the services of an attorney to look at the legal issues, required paperwork, and ramifications. Keep in mind that it's a mathematical certainty, the more data collected, the greater the possibilities for the next "C".

Once you've spent an impressive tour in the waters of Counsel, Craft a map of creative solutions. Transcribe in detail the prospective routes. This will be beneficial through the remaining "C's". You'll need to draft blueprints to pass the doldrums of apathy and indifference, as well as, strategies to affront the hurricanes of skepticisms and tsunamis of intolerance.

Next, network Cooperation from as many individuals, organizations, and businesses as you can that may possibly have a stake in the outcome of the resolved problem. There have been volumes written on techniques for networking, particularly in the realm of business. If you are not familiar with recent discussion on this topic, take the time and effort to do so. Within this "C" you may also need to allocate responsibility.

Communicate the objectives, articulate ideas, impart information, share feelings and feedback. This must be a multi-directional, fluid process throughout your network. Communication should be a haven where each feels safe from storms of emotions and treacherous reefs of self-centeredness. Communication needs inlets of openness where all the shipmates are respected. Locate the placid bays where tacit whispers of ideas can be heard, for here may be found a treasure chest of possibilities. How this "C" is crossed determines the success or failure of the voyage.

Commitment can be the most arduous "C" to navigate. It may entail a return to one or more of the previous "C's" for continued buoyancy and not sinking from the onslaught of the monsters of doubt and new problems that have surfaced. You may come across false successes as Sirens alluring you from the true goals. Undoubtedly, you will also experience the icebergs of setback, threatening to put a tragic end to your gallant journey. Consequently, select a theme, adopt a saying, a religious verse, a motto, or creed. Such a statement of belief will aid in keeping your sights focused on the new shore, the destination of resolution and the treasures to be achieved.

You could be a new seaman or an experienced captain, non-the-less, use this as your sextant for setting sail. When you have reached the territory of a successful resolution consider another adventure, a new exploration in discovering a problem to be conquered in the name of positive change.

"Bon Voyage"

About the Author
Robert E. Bear is a professional educator and national award winning artist. He has been recognized in Who's Who In America, Who's Who In American Education, and National Honor Society Outstanding American Teachers. Robert has created the Star Poster Program, the game of Gig'l®, and the team sport of Bearball®. To view his games, wildlife paintings, and other writings, go to

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