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Dennistoun Group circa 19301
Mary Helen Redpath,circled. Taken about 1930`s. School photo ?



These photos belonged to my mother, Mary Helen Redpath b1922. They are of people she cared about from Dennistoun where she lived until her marriage in 1948. Unfortunately no names only some dates. Mum lived in Slatefield Street and went to school in the area.

I would like to find out who they are and maybe their families would like to see the photos:

1. Mary Helen Redpath,circled. Taken about 1930`s. School photo ?
2. Another group from Dennistoun about 1930`s
3. Mary Helen Redpath with white tie and friend. 1939
4. Mary Helen`s friend circa 1940
5. Another friend taken September circa 1940`s
6. Mary Helen and friend  October 20th 1935 at 25 Slatefield street
7. James Redpath 1870-1946 standing on some work site. On the back was written what looked like Tunnelfore(man?) Where? James was an electrician and worked in shipbuilding.
8. Mary Helen about 1925
9. Mary`s friends I do not know who this couple are.
10. Another unidentified friend circa 1930.


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