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Memories of Dennistoun

Bill Hogg

Here are a few photos from my past.

Alexandra Parade Primary Schoolc1950

Billy at Alexandra Parade Primary School c1950. Billy is 2nd from the left on the 3rd row up. Miss Watt was our excellent teacher.

Guising Dennistoun c1950

Billy out guising at a neighbour's house in Roebank Street c1950. Billy is kneeling in the centre dressed in some of Greta's old clothes. The kids are Jean and Alan Ferns, Irene and Grace Garth, Ian Taylor and Wilma Andrews dressed as the nurse. Wilma was my next door neighbour. She died in 2007. The photograph was taken by Mr Campbell who lived in the next close up from me at Roebank Street. We were all out ‘guising’ that evening and getting lots of nuts, tangerines and the occasional sixpence from our neighbours. It was great fun.

Alexandra Parade Primary School c1952

Billy at Alexandra Parade Primary School c1952. Billy is 5th from the left on the top row. The teacher was Mr Hayes.

Whitehill Secondary School Dennistoun 1956

Billy at Whitehill Senior Secondary School, Dennistoun, Glasgow, 19th November 1956. Billy is 3rd from the right on the top row. I believe it was class 2LD but maybe wrong on that one. Miss Hetherington was our science and english teacher. She was the best teacher I ever had.

I hope to send you some of my Dennistoun memories in the near future. 

I was born and brought up in Dennistoun and attended Alexandra Parade Primary School and Whitehill Senior Secondary School.  I can identify several of the people in the photograph of Class 2LD as follows:-

Back Row:-    (5) Walter Naismith,  (6) Billy Hogg,  (8) Chic Wallace
Row 4:-          (2) Billy Guthrie,  (7) Jim Davidson , (9) Steven Scobie
Row 3:-          (1) Myra King,  (6) Doreen McKinnon
Row 2:-          (1) Marilyn Potts,  (3) Eleanor Rogers,  (4) May Baird,  (6) Mary Macdonald (Me),  (7) Helen Kearney
Front Row:-  (1) Cathy (Somebody),  (4) Irene Walsh (I think).

If there is anyone else who was in Class 2LD at Whitehill School in November 1956 and can fill in any of the other names  who would like to get in touch, I would be very pleased to hear from them. My name then was Mary Macdonald, but my married name is Brown and my e-mail address is

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