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On the Marriage of Robert Kn, Esq.


         On this interesting epoch in the life of Robert K
n, viz:-his union with
the amiable and accomplished Miss Glass, he will receive the congratulations of his
numerous friends.

         I have presumed to imagine that which you jocularly but sincerely might say
in a postscript, what I, without any joke at all, and, I am certain, as sincerely, would say.

Yours truly,                         

Let social friends and all good men
   Rejoice, nor cry alas!
Though K—n, such a sober youth,
   Has vowed to take a Glass.

Let no weak fears molest our minds,
   That poverty and strife
Will be his lot, though he has sworn
   To take a Glass through life.

But let us hope with fervency
  (Our love for him is such)
That at the close of life he’ll say,
  I ne’er took one too much.

And may he find when troubles come,
  And all looks dark and drear,
His Glass more potent then than now
  To strengthen and to cheer.

P. S.—But this I hope he won’t forget,
  Amid his marriage fuss,
Tho’ he has got a Glass himself,
   To order one for us.

For gentlemen who win a race—
   And love a race is found—
Although they take but one themselves,
   Do order glasses round.

And so he did, and so we got
   All brimful glasses each;
But such a Glass as he has got
   There’s none of us can reach.

The sequel is, all of us got
   Full glasses every one—
The Glass which he has got we wish
   He never will see done.

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