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Ilk Ane Kens their ain Ken.

Ilk ane kens their ain ken,
’ sair to thole an’ hide it O,
But blessin’s on our auld Scotch pride,
   There's nane daur e’er deride it, O.
                     Ilk ane kens, &c.

There’s mony bear the frowns o’ life
   As blythe as love new married, O,
An’ hides’t in a proud heart’s nook,
   As if ’twere smiles they carried, O.
                     Ilk ane kens, &c.

He that on fortune’s toorie sits
   May fa’ an’ fin’ the hap o’t, O,
An’ him that’s bendin’ to the brae
   May ride yet on the tap o’t, O.
                     Ilk ane kens, &c.

Gi’e me the warm an’ furthy heart,
   A han’ that ne’er was steekit, O,
To lift the woe frae that strong breast
   That wad rather brust than speak it, O.
                     Ilk ane kens, &c.


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